A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Meet your very own super-powered, shape-shifting pony and embark on a journey to become the Pinto region's next Prime Champion! This is a turn-based RPG adventure featuring cute companions, captivating action, colorful personalities, strategic combat, and surprisingly few horse puns. There's new discoveries waiting around every corner, so get out there and explore!

The complete version of this game is coming (eventually) to the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, Steam, and other PC platforms.

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Install instructions

Just download and unzip. It should be pretty straightforward. Email me at yotesmail@gmail.com or head to the Bugs Unearthed forum if you're having trouble. Be sure to message Yotes Games on YouTube if you make a video! (I wanna see!)

This game requires at least Windows 7, OSX 10.8, or Android 4.4 to run.

Heads Up:

  • Bugs are still a major issue, but the code is being rewritten from scratch and new Unity Add-Ons made available thanks to generous folks on Patreon means the game will be running smoother than ever in the very next update.
  • Combat is still pre-alpha and undergoing another major revision before release. Many move effects in this version aren't even programmed yet!
  • Some attack animations are missing and default to the Tackle animation.
  • If something goes horribly wrong, there's a hard reset button in the credits menu on the title screen. Just click the "?" icon.
  • When updating to a new version of the game, it's recommended that you delete all save data from the last version to prevent bugs from carrying over.


BGP BronyCon Demo 7.0 (Android) 83 MB
BGP BronyCon Demo 7.0 (PC) 71 MB
BGP BronyCon Demo 7.0 (Mac) 75 MB
BGP BronyCon Demo 7.0 (Linux) 75 MB

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