A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Command a pony that alternates between 3 different forms to outsmart the opponent in strategic turn-based combat.

It's an old-school inspired RPG featuring a cast of awesome and adorable collectible pony characters jam-packed with personality! 

A several-years-in-the-making love letter to the Monster Tamer genre.

The complete version of this game is coming (eventually) to the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, Steam, and other PC platforms.

The BGP Kickstarter was a success and the game is set to release Summer 2022!

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Install instructions

Just download and unzip. It should be pretty straightforward. If you're having trouble, you can email the team at mailbox@yotesgames.com or head to the Bugs Unearthed forum that our programmers keep an eye on. Be sure to message Yotes Games on YouTube if you make a video! (We wanna see every reaction!)

This game requires at least Windows 7, OSX 10.8, or Android 4.4 to run.

Heads Up:

  • Bugs are an ongoing issue, since the game is in such super-early stages. We've had to remake everything seen in the 2017 demo from scratch and you might notice some differences between the two.
  • All bugs are being noted and put onto our To-Do list in order of priority. They will be addressed over time as we fit it into our current schedule (expect substantial updates every 2 months or so).
  • Change your pony's name by clicking on the little notepad buttons on the Team Select screen. You can even nickname each pony species too!
  • You can always hold escape to shut down the game or press it in battle to force the game to take you back to the title screen.
  • For the 2017 Demo: If anything goes horribly wrong, there's a hard reset button in the credits menu on the title screen. Just click the "?" icon.
  • When updating to a new version of the game, it's recommended that you delete all save data from the last version to prevent bugs from carrying over.
  • For the Media Kit: Some of the sprites come a tad small. If you ever want to resize them without blurriness, choose "None" in your Quality Interpolation settings.


BGP Everfree Patch Demo [2021] (Android).apk 101 MB
BGP Everfree Patch Demo [2021] (PC).zip 120 MB
BGP Everfree Patch Demo [2021] (Mac).zip 124 MB
BGP Everfree Patch Demo [2021] (Linux).zip 125 MB
BGP Overworld Demo [2017] (Android) 78 MB
BGP Overworld Demo [2017] (PC) 71 MB
BGP Overworld Demo [2017] (Mac) 75 MB
BGP Overworld Demo [2017] (Linux) 75 MB
BGP Thumbnail-Maker Media Kit 15 MB

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